Casemiro talked about CS: GO in an job interview with a Spanish language football site referred to as MARCA, explaining he gets very stressed when he streams the sport on his / her Twitch channel.? Whenever I stream CS: GO people can see everything and any time I don? t succeed they let me know. We get more stressed when playing Counter-Strike than when I actually have to enjoy at Bernab�u, I recently have this sensation that there is more pressure on me when I? m playing CS: GO instead than football.?

Speaking about playing CS: PROCEED professionally, Casemiro confesses that he doesn? t have just what it takes. Buy and sell CS rather favors staying back a little and playing even more defensively on typically the map, similar in order to the position he or she plays over in Real Madrid.

When it comes in order to CS: GO, Casemiro is actually a big fan. In November associated with 2020 he went on to found his own group under the title of CaseEsports, which often features a complete roster of Brazilian participants. The team offers yet to notice big success, but Casemiro acknowledged that building a strong base does take time.? I know that making a fresh team and successful titles will take time and require a new large amount of work, nevertheless I really hope that typically the players as well as the followers will really love this particular project.?

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